Corporate Responsibility

At Brandzstorm our core responsibility is to focus on improvising the sustainability of our own facilities and operations and to build strong business relationships with our partners, suppliers and building trust with our customers. We use our resources efficiently to maximize our sales data and gain better exposure in the market.

MERCHANDISING: What you see on the shelves is not the work of a fortnight but the result of carefully planned merchandize backed by a price strategy, a team of dedicated designers and a launch strategy worked almost a year in advance to surprise our customers with the ongoing latest trends of accessories. Product testing is an essential step for every new product for a successful launch.

BUSINESS & SALES STRATEGY: The key to any sales strategy is to identify beneficial resources to run the business. Our sales team, reviews, plans and gains insight and understanding of our industry, our customers, the market and more. The purpose is to develop in-depth understanding of the target consumer- their motivations, perceptions, fears and preferences. At Brandzstorm we always sought new product ideas with the team. The qualitative exploration serves to indentify new product/brand possibilities as well as refine the target- market definition for those possibilities.

MARKETING: With Brandzstorm’s nifty brand portfolio it is essential to have strong presence in the media and the news. With a committed marketing force at Brandzstorm, it is even more convenient to gain presence over print, digital and social media platforms. Their enthusiasm is what makes every launch or collaboration look grand and their efforts to maximize branding opportunities along with visual merchandising and display adds more glamour to each brand.